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Mist Forest

This is old blog. New one is above.

Hello, everybody!
My name is Kethavel. I am a more or less artist.
I am lazy, sleazy, untisocial. Often depressed without reason.

I have 3 best friends ♥♥♥All of my friends are awesome! ♥♥♥
♥ my younger sister (she is really the coolest sister)
♥ student-friend (actually she is my first non-family member best real-life friend)
♥ some boy from Skype (we can not talk for months, but still good friends).

My top favorite cartoons:
- Treasure Planet
- Avatar: the last airbender
- Kim Possible
- The adventures of Tintin
- My little Pony: Friendship is magic
- Phineas and Ferb
- Moomin

I love sport and video games.

And... I LOVE MUSIC! ♬
Mar 2 '14

Anonymous asked:

what brush or texture do you use? your drawings look like made with watercolour paint

in SAI I use this prefences


in photoshop this brush (never saved brushes, I hope it will work)

Feb 27 '14

askcloud-n-clare asked:

Ohdsikodksdkodsosdk я сплю//// нет, я сплю//// боже, сам кесавель сказал, что у меня симпатичный стиль 0w0 Я никогда Вам не говорила, насколько я влюблена в ваше творчество/

мне мало что из моего творчества по нраву, но спасибо =3

Feb 27 '14

Anonymous asked:

Are you a sociopath ??

no, I have social phobia

Feb 21 '14
Jan 29 '14


when we pass by mcdonalds

(Source: dogsincarsatmywork)

Jan 25 '14

Mixed Media Pattern/ Experimentation


Mixed Media Pattern/ Experimentation

Dec 13 '13
Nov 9 '13

loco-lobo asked:

What kind of music do you like, mine is orchestra, soundtracks and a band called tin hat

I can listen almost all types of music: trance, rock, alternative, classical, rnb, soundtrack, metal, rap, pop, acappella, country music, folk, etc. Actually I do not like modern Russian pop music and maybe any else. Weeeeell… That’s it.

Btw Tin Hat is very nice. I’ve never listen to this band before. Thnks.

Oi, and I veeery love cello music.

Nov 8 '13

kethavel asked:

oh god... Rimmo's RED Heavy / my BLU Medic is such a cute thing! I'd wanted to see more. I mean pictures not actually nsfw (don't like nsfw). But gosh, style is so nice. Так, я поняла, что могу писать на русском только что. XD У тебя клёвый арт!


JESUS CHRIEST I KNEW IT! GAY STUFF MAKES YOU COOL! sorrysorrysorry xD well actually drawing nsfw is just IMPOSSIBLE and FORBIDDEN for me in ALL THE WAYS so it’ll never happen xd 

thank you very much dude 

ого, земляки? 

ахаха, gay stuff))) да, чуть намёк на картинке, и она популярнее другого твоего арта

слава богу ты не будешь рисовать 18+, потому что этого “добра” тут навались, глаза уже прожгли насквозь

короче, творческих свершений =3

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Nov 1 '13

lee-is-sexy asked:

Can ya explain your two blogs? like why do you have two

Yes, of course.

I just decided that first one has too many posts. Heh, I was stupid.

New blog has much more now XD